The Town Doctor®is a direct care solution providing high quality, full-service medical and wellness care. Pull up a chair, or sit on the couch, and lets talk about your health, and how we can serve you. ​​This means your membership will allow unhurried access, require no co-pays, and will include specified procedures at no additional cost. Need to reach us for an urgent issue on the weekend? No worries! Call and we are here to help.The Town Doctor merges old-fashioned service with modern healthcare, providing affordable, member-centered access to anyone that needs it. Our personal, and customized care membership keeps you in the center with:​​

  • Increased access via phone, text, email
  • Attentive personalized care
  • Affordable services
  • Specialty e-Consults
  • THE TOWN DOCTORx medication dispensary

We have chosen a different P.A.T.H. (Primary Access To Healthcare). A path that changes everything, and one that puts YOU first. Our direct primary care pathway improves primary & coordination of care through exceptional value, and a customized experience built through relationships that is successfully harmonizing healthcare. Our Direct Primary Care Home is designed with you in mind. We've tailored our primary care services to make your experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible, and hope that our attention to detail and desire to care for you well shines through each and every moment you need us. 

The Town Doctor ®Direct Primary Care is healthcare simplified - without the clutter, and the intentional PROMOTION of one of our greatest passions - PEOPLE. It’s the removal of everything that distracts us from them. We identify the essential & eliminate the excess. It’s healthCARE De-cluttered. Healthcare. Edited. It’s where we pivot assuming responsibility, stewardship & transparency resulting in both positive patient, personal & professional change. ​

Together we create meaningful impact for people, employees, neighborhoods, and ultimately for all of our communities.


"Coming here is like dealing with trusted family."

"You took the time to listen, and it saved my life. Thank you." 

"I rarely go to the doctor, but I called on a Saturday night & you answered. It saved me a really expensive ER visit. Thank you."

"I'm so glad my work offers this benefit. What a difference!"

"I can't believe how easy it is to text you. It was great! You know my history, and I didn't have to leave work or take a day off."

"I just love your office. It's so different from anywhere I've been. It's cozy, and I never feel rushed."

"You've helped me lose weight, lower my blood pressure and I feel incredible!"

"He and his staff really care and want to know you as a person."

​"I'm a private person..but HAVE to tell anyone in search of cost effective..compassion filled care..LOOK NO FURTHER. "

​"We will never have another doctor. Quality care by quality people!


Dr. Robert W. Steves III is passionate about your health, individualizing care, and exceeding your expectations. Highly skilled, professional, and compassionate, he works continuously to update his medical knowledge. His commitment to preventative & urgent care extends far beyond the walls of his practice, educating people on the benefits of wellness and prevention at every opportunity.

Dr. Steves, experience studying medicine in a 3rd World country, the urban Detroit area, the suburbs of New York, and most recently the growing Middle Tennessee area has provided  him a depth of knowledge and broadened his experience in acute and preventative care. Over 20 years he has participated directly in all areas of family practice medicine, including administrative, insurance, and in the laboratory which has enabled him to have a well-rounded approach to medical and disease management. Extremely articulate, his natural teaching ability and experience commands an audience when educating and presenting to people, patients and the healthcare team.

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