The Town Doctor® is a highly valuable healthcare tool, and together with you or with our insurance partners will help design a cost-effective, comprehensive care solution for your business & employees constructed to meet the new health care laws. 

Contact us for a consultation to learn more about how you can positively impact your employees – and your company.

Empowering your employees 


The Town Doctor™ reduces your healthcare expenses & rewards you in a number of ways. We put your money back in your pocket, where you quickly start to see the savings.

  • Removes financial barriers to high quality access and care
    • Reducing unnecessary utilization lowering catastrophic       downstream costs
  • Less out of pocket cost for employees
  • Access to significantly discounted medications, lab, and imaging        costs
  • Integrated telewellness programs.

There's no need for it to be costly, confusing & complicated. Our solutions are simple, and proven efficient.

It’s as simple as that. 


Engage- We connect with your employees from day one, activating their health and sharing the unlimited access they have to a primary care health solution offered as the core of your benefits plan, and in coordination with your other benefit services. 

Educate- Using effective communication strategies we proactively champion healthy living sharing a wealth of resources to keep your employees healthy, while managing their immediate, reactive or chronic needs when necessary.

Equip- We provide the tools necessary from our suite of services which include direct access and convenience to connect 24/7 through office visits, text, email and video-visit helping to keep you healthy. Save more with discounted labs, imaging and medications. We pass the savings to you! Employees appreciate the personalized care, and the convenience to connect with us 24/7. 


 The Town Doctor® is a trusted advisor providing a finance & healthcare delivery solution with full-service primary care as the core & foundational component of a benefits offering, and as your advocate in navigating the healthcare maze for RIGHT and AFFORDABLE care. Our goal is to have your employees healthy and performing their best. If you're a business owner, you will love the exceptional and sustainable results The Town Doctor™ provides. Increased productivity. Greater job satisfaction. Decreased absenteeism. Through our personalized, proactive care, we are able to  reduce overall healthcare spending providing exceptional care for both organizations and individuals.