What is DPC? 

Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides a comprehensive healthcare solution that is personal, and customized just for you. Just The Town Doctor® and the patient. No middle man. No hassles. Premium Primary and Preventative care at an affordable price. Direct Primary Care is an innovative primary care model accepted by patients, physicians, employers, payers and policymakers across the United States. 

Why The Town Doctor®?

Our expert clinical team takes a proactive & personalized approach to harmonizing medicine, nutrition, & exercise through an individualized, customized & coordinated care plan to optimize your overall health & healing. 

Much of the healthcare industry provides a reactive solution to healthcare created by a sick-care culture with unhealthy habits and poor nutrition. The Town Doctor® puts the patient at the center and shifts the focus to address the full range of influences that affect a person's health. We put health in front of medicine intentionally - that's our focus. Our emphasis on treating the whole person enhances health through the the promotion of good health in 3 keys areas of health, fitness, and performance.

What makes The Town Doctor® different?

The Town Doctor® provides exceptional person-centered care by removing the restrictions & red tape that surrounds a traditional healthcare model. We choose to work directly for YOU, and eliminate the bureaucracy and administrative burden which then allows us to spend more time with you, providing affordable care & the continuity every person deserves! It enables us to build a trusted relationship with you over time and combined with our clinical expertise surpasses what is available through other systems of care. We choose not to take insurance so that we can work with you, and so you can also benefit from the discounted lab work & imaging along with many other cost-saving opportunities.

Can I benefit from The Town Doctor® if I don't need frequent medical attention? 

Absolutely. We champion wellness and customize care personalizing the healthcare experience to YOU specifically. It’s what we do best. Our proactive approach focus’ on building a relationship with you though a relaxed atmosphere, unhurried visits and ability to answer questions allowing us to compose an individual, personal & clinical knowledge of your health. If you need us for your immediate or reactive needs, we are available for that too! We have found that it is much less expensive to focus preventatively on keeping you healthy, then when sick later on.

Why is there a membership fee?

Through this direct pay model, we can offer the majority of your primary care for a simple, up front fixed price and in a more efficient way. It also allows us the freedom to offer you fair and affordable prices helping you avoid big, unexpected insurance bills for your primary care. 

 Office Procedures​

Complimentary procedures included with your membership are offered at The Town Doctor®. We aim to keep health care easy, convenient and cost-effective. No codes are necessary since we do not have to bill your insurance for these services. If procedure requires lab work, culture or medication, this discounted fee will be applied and is a patient responsibility.

What about specialist care?

Get the answers you need without the wait! We remove the barriers to comprehensive care with access to some of the top specialists in the country providing you the clinical advice you need without the wait, saving unnecessary or costly tests, procedures or ER visits. 
*$50 fee applied for e-Consult

  • eConsults SAVED an average of $370 per eConsult in a study of primary care providers
  • A provider using eConsults saves a patient > 19 days of waiting time for a specialty appointment.

Through exceptional care combined with outstanding access, we seek to prevent or reduce hospitalizations as well as specialty referrals. When more extensive services are required beyond our primary care services, we will provide a patient the option to have a more extensive work up and lab work completed through our office at our discounted rates, or we will refer you for a face-to-face consultation locally with the specialist of your choice. For continuity of care, we will share your medical information with the specialist and continue to coordinate your care for the best overall management of your healthcare needs. In circumstances where those types of care are necessary, we will undoubtedly continue to communicate with your hospitalist during your hospital stay and collaborate care with any specialist. There may be occasions that it will benefit you to have a second opinion or consult of your medical condition. In some cases, depending on the level of care or expertise required, we may refer and rely on those specialized caregivers to manage your treatment. If choosing to pay out of pocket, there are some outside specialty services we will provide reasonable ‘cash’ prices for.

How do I schedule a visit?

At The Town Doctor® we are raising the standard in how we communicate with those we care for.  We provide support & medical advice in many ways, and each interaction allows us to get to know you better! We view the ability to connect and build relationship comes in many ways that expand our clinical knowledge of you and serves to provide support, medical advice and follow up. Happily, we don’t even collect co-pays for each of these interactions, and try to keep it SIMPLE.

All members have access to reach the physician for medical concerns. From sore throat to sinus infection, or just for peace of mind we are able to address a variety of health concerns, illnesses, education, and follow ups from the comfort of your own home, office or vacation spot. Need a prescription? No problem. With no driving, no lines, and no waiting, we are able to address, follow up, and when necessary prescribe medication.  For a majority of healthcare needs we can assist through text, email, phone and video visits. When necessary for an in-office evaluation we will meet you at the office. If or when you call the office with a need or concern we will answer and assist in the most effective way possible. If it requires an in-office evaluation we'll set up a time and have you come on in. 

If you need assistance with getting started or using The Patient Access App, please let us know. We are happy to help, and want you to benefit from all forms of communication we provide. If using technology is new to you, please let us show you how easy it can be! We don't want you to miss out, and you'll be surprised how SIMPLE we make it.

Can you really treat me without seeing me in person?

Yes, absolutely! One of the unique benefits of The Town Doctor® not participating with third party payers, is the ability for to reach us when you need, and for us to provide out-of-office care. From work to school notes, there are many conditions, both acute and chronic which can be evaluated, discussed, and treated without the need for an office visit. A large host of common medical concerns can be addressed & treated through phone or video consultation both efficiently & effectively. Knowing & understanding your medical history is "90% of the evaluation", in combination with the patient interaction. With the ability to see text, email or video-view any pictures uploaded when necessary, it provides us what we need to make a diagnosis. If or when it's necessary, we'll have you come in. 

  • Phone Visits​
  • Text Messaging
  • Email​
  • Video-Visits

What are the benefits of a virtual visit? 

The Town Doctor® takes real-time medical care and uses it to assist in addressing and treating your minor medical concerns. Our innovative technology allows us to manage both acute and chronic conditions along with supportive care coordination. A great majority of illnesses can be treated through video visit services anytime, anywhere you have internet access. 

I’m not a member. Can I come in for ‘just one visit’? 

In order to provide the high level of quality, access and care we do not provide one-time visits, care or advice outside of our standard membership.

I want to join The Town Doctor®, but I have a few more questions.

Perfect! Give us a call.  We’re here and available, and under no-obligation welcome you to set up time to come by where we can show you the office, and talk further. That’s the best way to begin what we hope to be a long, proactive & healthy relationship.

Can members can reach The Town Doctor® anytime?

A key benefit to The Town Doctor® is 360° access. We have the gift of time to give you when it is needed, and we encourage you to contact us with concerns about your health. Having health insurance provides certain coverage, but does not guarantee timely access or affordable care. 

If you have an urgent need that requires prompt attention please call your member number directly.  We provide after hours telemedicine access, and do our best to help avoid unnecessary Urgent or ER visits when possible. 

For non-urgent medical needs or concerns that don't need to be answered immediately, you can email or text and we will respond in a timely matter. 

All patients have the availability to utilize the Patient Access App providing providing access at your fingertips for you to call the office, physician, text or email as well as manage your payment and billing details. When you join, you will receive an email that will allow you to access and download this app directly to your iOS device.

Can I add my family member?

Yes. The Town Doctor® would be honored to care for your entire family.  We have made it easy to add family members anytime we are accepting new patients using our online enrollment system located through the website. When the enrollment form is complete & processed they may take advantage of all the benefits offered through the office. 

Do you provide well child care?

We do! Our full spectrum family practice looks forward to caring for your entire family. Our membership is discounted for children so that your whole family can share in the benefits. We will be able to care for your children beginning with their first visit after hospital discharge, birth center or home birth.

What about vaccinations?

We use an outside facility for all vaccinations. Our healthcare team will help you decide the best cost option for vaccinations depending on your current health coverage. Please ask us how we can arrange this for you.

What if I’m away or out of town?

Traveling? On vacation? With DPC, we want you to rest easy knowing that if you have a concern while you are away, our office is just a phone call, text, video-visit or email away. Another benefit of not accepting third party payment is that we can coordinate your care if you are sick or not feeling well. While sometimes it is necessary & appropriate to use the ER, many times The Town Doctor® can solve issues through the convenient ways we offer to communicate saving your the time and expense of emergent care. Whether it’s advice, support or treatment, we’ll find the nearest pharmacy and order medications when necessary.


How does it work if I need labs?

The Town Doctor® has a direct client billing relationship with our laboratory providers. When laboratory measurements are needed to assess a medical condition, we will process the lab work through your billing account established with us resulting in significant savings. 

Through our direct client billing relationship lab work is up to 90% less than what is charged through insurance billing. Labs start at just a couple of dollars, and YES, we are serious about that! No codes are necessary, and there is no timeframe restriction. Lab work will be billed directly through your account established at The Town Doctor®. ​

*If you have Medicare the laboratory will process lab work through through your insurance.

There are many different prices that laboratories generate depending on the payment method. When a lab is billed to an insurance coverage, the price can be well over 10 times the cost of the direct client billing relationship. If your insurance does not cover that lab, you would be responsible for that cost of the lab. 

There are also many reasons why an insurance would deny a lab. 

Examples include:

  • Meeting a deductible first before coverage
  • The lab is drawn within a certain timeframe
  • The lab is not approved for the diagnosis being coded
  • The lab is not covered under the insurance policy 

What about imaging or X-rays?

The Town Doctor® provides the benefit of discounted imaging to patients. This includes routine x-rays, CT scans, MRI’s and many others. When ordered, you will have the opportunity to purchase an imaging test for a cash price at a significantly discounted rate. It also means we will only order tests that you absolutely need, instead of extra testing requiring approval and cost to the patient that the insurance might require when billed through insurance. If your insurance supplies superior coverage then our office can create an order for you to take to the imaging facility and they will bill you at their rates. When we order any imaging test our staff will provide options for having the test performed that best benefits your cost. 

*If you have Medicare the imaging department will bill lab work directly through your insurance.

Is ther
e a catch? Are there any hidden fees?

No. The vast majority of advice, support & care is included without any additional fees. If there is a charge for non-covered services, we are always up front & transparent with our pricing. If we recommend outside services, we try very hard to find you an upfront, reasonable price if paying cash.


Do you really have medications?

We sure do! 
One of the financial benefits that makes The Town Doctor® affordable is the availability and option for deeply discounted generic medications provided conveniently to you through our THE TOWN DOCTORx Dispensary without the wait in line. If discussing any medication treatment with you, we will offer generic medication allowing you to save even more. 

THE TOWN DOCTORx allows you savings on your medication reaching up to 90% less than even the largest retailers. 

For refill requests please email:  rx@towndoctor.com


Get the answers you need without the wait! We remove the barriers to comprehensive care with access to some of the top specialists in the country providing you the clinical advice you need without the wait, saving unnecessary or costly tests, procedures or ER visits. 

*additional fee applied for e-Consult 


Does The Town Doctor® take or bill my insurance?

Happily, no. Instead, we choose to work for YOU. The Town Doctor® has removed the growing barrier & frustration experienced by both patients and physicians to help improve quality, while reducing healthcare costs. Our direct care model restores control of healthcare decisions back to you, and this includes removing the disruptions of commercial insurance. Insurance is helpful for the unexpected, or major event, but we create space that leaves your routine primary medical care decisions between just you and The Town Doctor®. We want you to be able to have a voice in your healthcare, and don’t see the need for your insurer to complicate those decisions or make them more costly.

With no co-pays, co-insurance, or pre-existing requirements to be met, and choosing not to accept payment from insurance, The Town Doctor® is free from the restrictions of third-party payers and able to offer you significantly discounted pricing on a variety of laboratory testing, imaging, and medication. 

Will I need insurance if I join The Town Doctor®?

Yes, we suggest it. While our office will not be participating directly with insurance, The Town Doctor® will keep patients first, and together we will decide what options are best for you. 

When The Town Doctor’s® fee is paired with a high deductible medical plan & Health Savings Account (HSA), or with a health cost sharing option, it can be found to save thousands of dollars per year. It’s important to have the financial protection for the unexpected hospital visit, or specialist should you need it. 

How can I find insurance I can afford?

We are more than happy to provide a recommendation for a professional health insurance advisor that will help you customize a suitable plan that fits you, your family, or business in the best way possible. We have found our patients and business' are saving between 20%-60% on their coverage when pairing it with The Town Doctor®

Are There Any Other Options for Coverage?

The Town Doctor® works seamlessly when paired with a variety of Health Care Sharing Ministries. These provide another cost-saving non-insurance alternative for patients. Please see links listed below.

  • Medi-Share https://lnkd.in/bvXqKAN
  • Christian Healthcare Ministries https://lnkd.in/baBtU3D
  • Liberty Direct https://lnkd.in/bMjBDrQ
  • Samaritan Ministries https://lnkd.in/bewM5q9
  • Altrua HealthShare https://lnkd.in/bps-KDN

Can I use my FSA or HSA?

Some of our fees are reimbursable. This is one smart method of paying for your health care needs with pre-tax dollars. The retainer fee is not defined as a medical expense but there is lobbying  by the American Academy of Private Physicians to be able to deduct these expenses. Please see your tax or financial advisor for additional information for your individual situation.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are employer defined. We always refer our patients back to their employer to be sure that medical services are eligible under their particular FSA.


​We understand life happens and can appreciate these circumstances. There are NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS, or commitments. If you cancel, and then choose to re-start your Town Doctor® membership at a future date, there is a re-enrollment fee to re-establish your membership and account as active. (This will be dependent on our availability to accept new patients) Please see our patient agreement for full cancellation details.