Our fees are simple & straightforward.

Registration Fee: $150

A one time, non-refundable registration fee is charged to each new enrollment. 

Monthly  Membership Fee(s)

Age Group              Monthly Fee

0-17 years old            $40    

                                     $10*  (*with 2 enrolled adult members on same billing account)    

18-44 years old         $60

45-64 years old         $80

65+ years old            $90

At this time we are not able to provide routine vaccinations. Please contact us to discuss how we can help arrange these for you.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIPS - Please contact us directly for corporate pricing of 5+ employees

I’m not a member. Can I come in for ‘just one visit’? 
In order to provide the high level of quality, access and care we do not provide one-time in-office visits, care or advice outside of our standard membership. We’re here and available, and under no-obligation welcome you to set up time to come by where we can show you the office, and talk further. That’s the best way to begin what we hope to be a long, proactive & healthy relationship.


Are you ready to become a member of The Town Doctor™? We’re happy to have you join us! Please take a moment to fill out the form found HERE and we'll be in touch!


The Blessing Basket. 

Community Sponsored Healthcare is a way for the community to share the healthcare needs of those that need it most. The Town Doctor™ commits to improving the community in which it operates to give back and help those that can not afford a monthly membership due to financial hardship. Through The Blessing Basket, we utilize contributions to provide medical care for specific or individual needs of those unable to afford the monthly membership cost. If you would like to be put on this waiting list, please click THE BLESSING BASKET with your specific need or request. (Please put 'Blessing Basket' in the subject line)

As contributions are received we will contact and share them with a matching need on the wait list. 

If you would like to to make a one-time contribution, or pay a little bit extra each month, please click 
PASS THE BASKET and let us know. We will contact you! 
THANK YOU for choosing to make a difference.