• Direct access and convenience to connect through office visits, text, email, phone and video-visit
  • Cross service solution strategies, while changing lifestyle wellness and prevention behaviors
  • Cost-containment of health expenditures through affordable lab work, imaging and medications
  • Personalized care and the convenience to connect with us 24/7



  • Sharing tools for tracking rewards & progress

  • Program drivers, incentives, benefits and best practices for keeping organization philosophies and policies aligned
  •  Supportive care management allowing for a complete health & wellness solution
  • Creating & fostering a culture of HEALTHCARE

The Town Doctor®L.E.A.D.S.

Leader for Exceptional Affordable Direct Care Solution


​​There's no need for it to be costly, confusing & complicated. Our solutions are simple, and proven efficient.

It’s as simple as that. 



  • Connecting from day one with your employees activating their health & through each encounter
  • Sharing the unlimited access they have to a primary care health solution offered as the core of your benefits plan, and in coordination with your other benefit services. 
  • Improving aggregate physical and psychosocial well being through total population engagement
  • Using effective communication strategies to proactively champion healthy living sharing a wealth of resources to keep your employees healthy.​


  • ​Integrating health risk reduction solutions through full service primary care & individual disease care awareness
  • ​Managing, coaching and teaching as we care for preventative, reactive and chronic care needs
  • Utilizing specialty e-Consults with top specialists
  • Determining & optimizing necessary referrals & recommendations to facilities based on cost and quality


 The Town Doctor® is a trusted advisor providing a finance & healthcare delivery solution with full-service primary care as the core & foundational component of a benefits offering, and as your advocate in navigating the healthcare maze for RIGHT and AFFORDABLE care. Our goal is to have your employees healthy and performing their best. If you're a business owner, you will love the exceptional and sustainable results The Town Doctor® provides. Increased productivity. Greater job satisfaction. Decreased absenteeism. Presenteeism. 

The Town Doctor® listens to understand and leads through the specific & unique healthcare challenges organizations face. With employees on the road, in the classroom, or out on the job we provide access & connectivity to high-quality healthcare. Our focused outreach creates participation through smart design and collaboration, where we advocate and facilitate care through the healthcare continuum. Our personalized, proactive approach enables us to reduce overall healthcare spending by providing exceptional, affordable primary care. With various ways to connect with a team that knows you well, we create an active and working participation with our members for positive, meaningful results. 


  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Transportation
  • ​Trucking
  • ​Self-employed
  • ​Musicians
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Schools
  • City Governments
  • Teachers
  • Insurance
  • Law firms
  • Union Workers
  • ​Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Veterinary
  • ​Banking
  • ​Technology
  • ​Gaming
  • and more...

The Town Doctor® is a highly valuable healthcare tool, and together with you or with our insurance partners will help design a cost-effective, comprehensive care solution for your business & employees constructed to meet the new health care laws. Supported by experienced medical professionals in a clinically valid environment, our prevention & wellness expertise is combined with hands on client account management.

Contact us for a consultation to learn more about how you can positively impact your employees – and your company.

The Town Doctor® reduces your healthcare expenses & rewards you in a number of ways. We help you take control of your healthcare spending, where you quickly start to see the savings.

  • Removes financial barriers to high quality access and care
  • Reducing unnecessary utilization lowering downstream costs
  • Reducing out of pocket cost for employees
  • Wholesale medications 
  • Affordable labs and imaging        
  • Specialty e-Consults
  • Integrated telewellness programs