CONTROLLED MEDICATION - Please note, THE TOWN DOCTORx does not stock or dispense any controlled medication.


(The Town Doctor® members only)


  • Please email all medication requests and/or refills, and allow up to 72 hours for us to process your request.

  • If there is a medication you would like pricing for, please email us.

  • All medications purchased through THE TOWN DOCTORx will be processed through your account listed on file with us, with shipping applied.

  • Please keep your current email & address on file with us to ensure requests are processed promptly. For any and all email or address changes, it is a patient responsibility to update through a formal request. 

For all medications requests and/or refills please include the medication(s), dosage,  & frequency, along with current address.

One of the financial benefits that makes The Town Doctor® affordable is the availability and option for deeply discounted generic medications provided conveniently to you in one spot & without the wait in line. THE TOWN DOCTORx delivers discounted generic medication directly to your doorstep, with the price of medication offering savings reaching up to 95% less than even the largest retailers. Our member experience works continuously to allow you to leverage your healthcare spending and saving where you can. Many find the savings so significant it helps to offset the membership fee or cover it completely. If or when discussing any medication treatment with you, we will offer generic medication allowing you to save even more.